New: Grianstad an tSamhraidh Single Pot Still Whiskey

Dingle Distillery heralds the arrival of summer with Grianstad an tSamhraidh, a Single Pot Still Whiskey. This exquisite spirit is aged in first-fill bourbon barrels and then finished in American Rye casks for a unique complexity. With a mere 9,000 bottles released globally, it’s a treasure for whiskey aficionados.

Longest Day

Celebrating the summer solstice, the year’s longest stretch of daylight, this special edition honors a time cherished in Celtic lore as the zenith of summer, basking in the abundance of sunlight that nurtures life.

Grianstad an tSamhraidh marks the final jubilant festival as the days begin to shorten, a time to rejoice as the harvests swell and fruits emerge. Witnessing the sunset from Dingle on the Irish west coast is a breathtaking spectacle, a moment that’s eagerly anticipated.

Typically coinciding with June 21st, Grianstad an tSamhraidh outshines the other solstice with its extended daylight, much to the delight of farmers. At Dingle Distillery, we savor these prolonged summer evenings, sharing them with loved ones and a glass of our beloved Dingle Whiskey.

As the seventh installment in our series of limited-edition whiskeys, this Single Pot Still variant has undergone a meticulous maturation process in first-fill bourbon barrels, followed by an extensive finish in American Rye casks. This exclusive offering is limited to just 9,000 bottles for the entire world.

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