The Old Hunter’s Rye is a completely unique, purely Czech drink with a rich history dating back to the 16th century. One of the reasons for our uniqueness is the key raw material – rye. The basis of the Old Hunter’s Rye is a carefully selected rye distillate.

From the very beginning of its production, the Old Hunter’s Rye has focused on roasting rye: on the one hand because of the suitable conditions for a rich rye harvest and at the same time because of a delicious, unmistakable taste. Despite frequent official restrictions on the use of rye for the distillation of alcohol, distillers from Prostejov managed to defend and maintain the rye product for many centuries.

One glass of Old Hunter’s Rye (0.02 l) contains approx. 450 distilled rye grains. It is this rye grain that gives our drink an unmistakable spicy, fruity flavor.

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