J.J. Corry, Ireland’s first modern Whiskey Bonder

J.J. Corry brings us back what was once extinct: Bonding.
In the 19th and 20th centuries, hundreds of distilleries existed in Ireland, but most did not blend or bottle their whiskey. This was done by Whiskey Bonders. Bonders were publicans, merchants and independent bottlers, who sourced new make spirit from distilleries which they aged in their own casks, before blending and bottling for local customers. After the collapse of the Irish Whiskey industry, this thriving tradition became extinct. Until now.
Independent and ground-breaking, J.J. Corry is the modern Irish whiskey bonder – explorer, curator, creator of unique and sublime expressions of flavour, the first modern Irish whiskey bonder, complete with a bonded warehouse on our founder’s family farm in Cooraclare, Co. Clare. Founder Louise McGuane creates whiskeys that encapsulate contemporary Ireland: superior and intriguing Irish Whiskeys from the new and old guard of Irish distilleries and casks by craft makers around the globe.
J.J. Corry
In the 1800s, our inspiration and namesake J.J. Corry was an independent Irish whiskey Bonder in port town of Kilrush, County Clare. As a whiskey bonder, he was licensed to buy wholesale whiskey from the nearest distillery; age it in sherry, port or wine casks he acquired from trading ships; and create unique blends for private clients, hotels and bars.
Library of flavours
The casks and whiskeys under our care are curated stories in liquid form. No one else has built such an impressive library of flavours. As modern bonder, Louise is free to select the most promising new-make and rare, aged Single Malts, Single Grains and Potstills from Ireland’s many distilleries. JJC travels the globe to collaborate with our partners-in-craft to source unusual and special barrels in which to age out whiskey. We partnered with the World’s Best Cooperage 2023, Casknolia, to select a range of oak barrels that have been seasoned with varying styles of sherry wines from the Sherry Triangle.
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