The Grace O’Malley brand is dedicated to the legendary Irish pirate queen Grainne Ní Mháille, also known as Grace O’Malley or ‘Granuaile’. Born into Irish nobility in County Mayo in 1530, Grace was a charismatic and natural leader. Gifted as a negotiator, she was a fearless seafarer throughout her life, and her great rebellious spirit should never be forgotten.

Grace O’Malley Irish Whiskey is an extraordinary brand that has made its mark in the world of premium spirits. Its name and origins are steeped in romanticism, folklore, and the legend of a Pirate Queen, making it a truly unique whiskey. To capture the essence of this rich story, creative boundaries were pushed, leading to the exploration of new bespoke areas in print and production that could do justice to this stunning range of premium handcrafted whiskey creations.

The Irish Sea, as much as the legend itself, plays a significant role in the production of this whiskey. These premium spirits are blended, finished, and bottled in casks aged in the salty sea air, imparting their unique flavor and character. Inspired by the remarkable legend of Grace O’Malley, the designs seek to embody the force of her life story as a warrior Queen, a fearless mariner, and a powerful female figure.

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