Masthouse Whisky Dutch Single Cask (#80) 2024


Single Malt at Cask Strength AVAILABLE APRIL 2024
To celebrate our lustrum and collab with Whisky Center we have come to a ‘collab’ with this single cask and both our logo’s are featured on this one-off. Visitors and participants to the Masterclass at the IWF at The Hague taste several cask samples and have chosen for cask #80. Now you can already enlist beforehand on this one-off bottling but you do not know the Cask Strength ABV yet.

Copper Rivets’ first release with another company was with Berry Brothers in 2017. That release was a 700 ml and BB’s own styling. The release was sold out in half an hour.

Made in accordance with the Invicta Whisky Charter® Masthouse Whisky is a rare single estate whisky which is natural, unfiltered and strikes the perfect balance of rich complexity and approachability.
Masthouse Whisky is made with specially grown Kentish grain, and is a beguiling spirit inspired by the ancient craft of ship mast-making at Chatham’s Royal Dockyard, where it is distilled.

This Single Cask is available with a maximum of 2 bottles per customer as long as stock lasts.

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