Dingle Distillery


Dingle Distillery – Ireland

Small. Artisan. Independent. Proud. We hold these truths to be self-evident. Distilleries are not created equal, nor is the whiskey that flows from them.

Dingle Whiskey is a product of its environment. From the localised well water to the immensely manual mashing, alongside the wooden fermentation vessels that feed into the three bespoke copper pot stills, the production is purely Dingle. The micro climate then creates a maturation like no other. We do not manipulate the course of our whiskey, only nature can do that.
Dingle whiskey has a hand-made character. Unique Whiskey. From the
edge. The Dingle Whiskey Distillery is not in the business of creating megabrands, nor do we distil for anyone else. Our scale is modest, our approach to what we make is essentially artisan and we have rekindled the tradition of independent distilling in Ireland. Two hundred years ago, this small island had over a hundred officially recognised distilleries; by the turn of this century there were two.
When the first spirit trickled from the stills here in November 2012 it
represented a milestone in the history of distilling in Ireland, and now our unique Dingle Whiskey continually matures in the mild, moist climate of Ireland’s south-west coast while those first spirits are bottled into a magnificent single malt whiskey.
You can also enjoy the fruits of our labours in the form of Dingle Original Gin and Dingle Distillery Vodka.

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Bruges Whisky


Bruges Whisky – Belgium

Real Bruges whisky : made in Bruges, matured in Bruges and bottled in Bruges !..

Out of our passion for whisky, the Bruges Whiskey Company was born.

Thibaut’s has been fanatical about whisky for several years. He knows what he likes, but nowadays it has become increasingly difficult to find good whisky at a decent price. We wanted to do something about it so decided to make whisky ourselves, a father and son operation. This was similar to when we saw that the prices for meals in Bruges were very high and decided to open our restaurant, Barista’s Secret, and focus on affordability as well as quality.

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Copper Rivet Distillery

Copper Rivet Distillery We hope you enjoy Masthouse Single Malt Whisky as much as we have loved making it VIEW PRODUCTS

Copper Rivet Distillery

Masthouse Whisky is a rare single estate, single malt whisky made exclusively from Belgravia spring barley grown at 40 Acre Marsh, just 15 miles from Copper Rivet Distillery.

Distilled slowly in our locally crafted still and matured in predominantly ex-Bourbon casks, Masthouse Whisky is a beguiling spirit which proudly shows our distillery’s fruity, floral house style.

It offers green apple and ginger biscuits, tropical fruit and floral mid notes, toasted oak and chocolate orange and finishes with malt and white pepper.

It is a wonderfully accessible and yet, we believe, a complex spirit. We hope you enjoy Masthouse Single Malt Whisky as much as we have loved making it.

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islay boys

ISLAY BOYS Donald MacKenzie and Mackay Smith VIEW PRODUCTS

Islay Boys – Scotland

We are Donald MacKenzie and Mackay Smith, hailing from the Rhinns peninsula of Scotland’s most famous whisky isle.

Like Ketill Flatnose, Magnus Barelegs and our Viking and Celtic forefathers we are born adventurers and have travelled the four corners of the globe – from New York and Paris to the spice fields of Zanzibar.

We have taken our experiences and blended them with the tradition of home, creating whiskies that we enjoy drinking together with friends and family.

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Islay Boys

Clonakilty Distillery


Clonakilty Distillery – Ireland

The Scully family has farmed this coastal land for 9 successive generations. The time has now come to innovate, to share and explore.

A small family farm on the southwest coast of Ireland.
An Irish farmer with a very big dream.  

The Scully family, the founders of Clonakilty distillery, have farmed this windswept coastal land for 9 successive generations. With the best resources that nature has to offer, prime land, pristine water and salt sea air, they had the perfect ingredients for a maritime distillery.

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Clonakilty distillery

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