The first of its kind: Column Stilled Whisky 1st release

Masthouse Column Stilled Single Malt: A unique whisky from the Copper Rivet Distillery in Kent

Masthouse Column Malt is among Britain’s first single malt whisky to be distilled in a column still and is made in accordance with the Invicta Whisky Charter ® 

This whisky takes inspiration from the great Japanese and American distilleries and uses our unique column still to create a wonderfully smooth, easy drinking whisky where flavour characteristics blend in harmonious perfection

In accordance with the Invicta Whisky Charter ®  Masthouse Whisky is a rare single estate whisky which is natural, unfiltered and strikes the perfect balance of rich complexity and approachability.

Masthouse Whisky is made with specially grown Kentish grain, and is a beguiling spirit inspired by the ancient craft of ship mast-making at Chatham’s Royal Dockyard, where it is distilled.

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