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Whisky Center is thrilled to organize tastings in partnership with various stores and at an exclusive array of events. Additionally, we cater to a dedicated collective of connoisseurs who conduct tastings upon request. Featuring distinguished themes such as “Blind is Beautiful,” “My Way,” and “All Our Irish,” you’re guaranteed to be delighted by an exceptional dram accompanied by an equally compelling narrative. Let’s extend a warm round of applause to the Drammers at Dramtables.

Say hello to the Drammers 

Par example: All Our Islands 

Sample Tubes

Sample tubes are a familiar sight for those looking to discover a new bottling, share a cherished spirit, or save a taste for later , for example: when acting as the designated driver. They are also ideal for giving a friend the opportunity to experience a new flavor without buying him a full bottle. Their practicality is unparalleled, particularly in light of the inconsistent “reliability” of various delivery services.

Through our collaboration with Dramtable, we’re delighted to expand our selection of samples and appropriate packaging materials from an extensive range of our bottlings, ensuring you can indulge in your preferred spirits with ease, accessibility, and affordability.

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