First Independent Bottling: The Brexiteer

brexiteer whisky

Would you like to purchase a 28 YO – 1991 ‘Teaspooned’ Burnside from two renowned destilleries from Speyside Scotland?

The Brexiteer

As the UK breaks out of the EU, Whisky Center freed this 1991 Burnside Barrel and its 182,3 bottles from Scotland where it was kept for 28 years.

With this bottling we commemorate our first “Whisky Center” release and the Brexit ordeal in 2019 which will separate the UK from its former EU member states.

28 Years Old?
1991 – Maastricht Treaty, this barrel was filled.
2019 – Brexit seems final, the bottles were filled. So 28 Years Old.

This ‘Brexiteer’ is supposed to be ‘Tea spooned’ and so it is a microscopical ‘blended’ Scotch.

Burnside is one of the ‘lost destilleries’ of Scotland and was situated a few minutes drive from the town of Campbeltown.

Where will The Brexiteer stop? Nobody knows. All we know is that the Scottish are proud people and reluctantly let go of their finest spirit. Getting the emptied barrel on ‘the mainland’ was the hardest struggle. At the end, with intervention from ‘our man in London’, we managed to get the barrel. We ‘recycle’, so cask #7389 is refilled with continental spirit and kept savely in a cave in southern Germany. So in some time, this story continues with #ContinentalWhisky.

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