Europe’s Oldest – 1518 Greentree Old Hunter’s Czech Republic

The Greentree Distillery turned 500 years old in 2018, making it the oldest distillery in the European mainland. It has been active from the Czech Republic since July 4, 1518. The origin of this brand stems from 3 people: Wilhelm II of Pernstein and Helfstein gave the owners of the Grüner Baum house in 1518 brewing rights, followed by Luis Eckelmann as a successful entrepreneur and the pioneer of rye distillate, Jakub Vojácek, made history in Prostejov.
With 3 typical Rye Whiskeys from Old Hunter’s we present rye whiskey at its best. 4 to 7 years matured in white oak barrels, stored in the cellars of Prostějov, 5 meters underground while Blend master Roman Petruš personally monitors the quality of the rye distillates and carefully balances the delicate flavors and typical sweet aromas.
After having witnessed yet another succesfull presentation at Prowein 2023 we are honoured to see that Greentree will be present with a delegation at the International Whisky Festival in The Hague, City of Peace and Spirits this november.

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