Masterclasses The Hague

At the International Whisky Festival in The Hague, City of Peace and Spirits this november Trade In Spirits & Partners will host several Master Classes.

Masthouse – Copper Rivet Distillery

Masthouse Whisky will be represented by Stephen Russell – Founder & Managing Director of the Copper Rivet Distillery will present Copper Rivet Distillery’s approach indepth and show the core and will reveal the latest evolution.

The Dingle Distillery

A well known Brand will be presented by Dingle’s Brand ambassador Dave Cummins again.

Dave: “Looking forward to a whiskey filled weekend at The Hague for the International Whisky Festival this November. Come & join our booth and the Dingle Whiskey Masterclass which I will be hosting over the weekend, with a happy few special drams too.”

And golden boy Larse Claessens will host our ‘All Our Irish’ Masterclass 2023 in the City of Peace & Spirits. This passionate whiskey enthusiast resides at the slopes of our Dutch Highlands (central Limburg) and is therefore a true Burgundian when it comes to food and spirits.

All Our Irish by Larse

Larse Claessens just came back from the South West of Ireland and developed an increasing passion for Irish Whiskeys, represents Dramtable at The Hague this year and will bring you the finest combinations of the best a brand can distill. Let Larse show you what commitment to represent some of the best Irish Whiskey in the World means in Words and Whiskey (your glass).

Dave Cummins

Dingle Distillery Brand Ambassador

Larse Claessens

Dramtable Ambassador

Stephen Russell

Founder & Managing Director
Copper Rivet Distillery

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