First Batch: Masthouse Column Malt

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We are so excited to announce the launch of our new release of single estate, single harvest single malt whisky. Masthouse Column Malt is Britain’s first single malt whisky to be distilled in a column still and is made in accordance with the Invicta Whisky Charter ™

With this whisky we’re taking inspiration from the great Irish and Japanese distilleries and using our unique column still to create a wonderfully smooth, easy drinking whisky where the flavour characteristics blend in harmonious perfection. Watch this video to see Head Distiller, Abhi describing the whisky as he tastes it.

We think this is perfect both for those people who are in the early stages of whisky exploration and for those practised connoisseurs who like to sit down and get to grips with a whisky and pick apart the intricacies of the layers of different flavours and characters.

This is a limited release.

500ml (45% ABV) 
Sold individually – 1 item per person

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Vanilla mousse with candied zest, toffee apple and light oak shavings on the nose and, on the palate, lingering sweet cream with dried plantain, fresh cut pear and a nutty, peppery finish.




100% Belgravia Barley grown at 40 Acre Field. Our mash undergoes a long fermentation before being pot distilled, then distilled again in our unique 10 meter tall column still. Finally it is aged in first fill American Oak Bourbon Barrels.


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