Whisky Center & Hielander 2023 Alkmaar

We are excited to be back in Alkmaar this february at the Hielander Whisky Festival. Whisky Center presents several English and Irish brands this 10th and 11th february.

We will represent several bottlings of Masthouse, the Kentish Copper Rivet Distillery in England – among these the Masthouse Column Malt, Britain’s first single malt whisky to be distilled in a column still and made in accordance with the Invicta Whisky Charter ™- and we will dram our ‘All Our Irish’ brands from the South West.

We like to welcome people who are in the early stages of whisky exploration and the more practised connoisseurs who like to sit down and get to grips with a whisk(e)y and pick apart the intricacies of the layers of different flavours and characters.

We also represent the belgium brands Bruges Whisky Company & Peathia which are pleasently present at their own booth at Hielander and we invite you to further discover Thibaut and Peters superb bottlings.

Seeing is believing and evenso with tasting. In line with our credo “Look Online, Buy Local” we advise you to visit one of ‘Our Stores’. We also do appreciate your online interest towards www.whiskycenter.com and our like named socials.

Brands: Blacks Brewery & Distillery, Bruges Whisky Company, Copper Rivet Distillery, Dingle, Kinsale Spirit Co. & Peathia.

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